Sunday, 12 May 2013

Bilbo Egg

Manufacturer: Bilbo Surfboards
Shaper: Signed but illegible!?
Design: Egg style short-board
No: 1106
Year: Circa 1973?
Dimensions: 6'6" x 21" x 2.5"                                                      

So here is the first British board to make it to the blog and coincidentally it's my most recent acquisition.  It is in excellent original condition with no serious damage or repairs - the foam it barely even tanned.  The board is numbered 1106 and is also signed but alas this is somewhat illegible!  The aesthetically pleasing egg shaped has a diamond tail, a fairly domed deck and a fair amount of flip in the nose.  It is finished off with turquoise resin tint and pin lines on the rails and a nice swirled blue sprayed inlay on the bottom.  Finally, this board both predates the arrival of leashes neither has it (or the fin) been modified to attach one.  

It was previously owned by "Bilbo Jay", a fellow British collector who is best known for his appearance on the BBC's Antiques Roadshow back in the summer of 2011.  In the picture above you can see the board centre right. Al's UK Collector Blog provides more info on this event and a link to it is provided below.

Bilbo - For Sale / Swap

I currently am looking to sell or swap a BILBO (UK) transitional board.  Please see the link below to the ad on Al's blog for details.

If you have any British late 60's to mid 70's guns or semi guns you are looking to sell or swap then drop me a line.  I am also always after the quirky and crazy 'one-off' type shapes which often materialised during this fast moving and often drug enhanced period. The weirder the better as far as I'm concerned.............. 

Monday, 31 December 2012

Quill Spear

Manufacturer: Quill
Shaper: Unknown
Design: Ultra Extreme Spear Tail
Year: 1973?
Dimensions: TBA

I've mentioned previously that I have a huge amount of time for backyard extreme shapes and this is as full on as they come.  An ultra extreme spear tail which can only have been surfable on the front 60% of the board.  Not a lot of turning going on here, just straight down the line and hold on I guess!

Excellent original condition when purchased from a travelling surfer on Sydney's Northern Beaches in around 2008.  Has had a polish and a few minor marks tidied up. 'Surfresearch' has no info on Quill other than a possible link to 2003 - does anyone know anything about them/him or has seen another example?

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Michael Peterson

Manufacturer: Michael Peterson
Shaper: Michael Peterson
Design: Shooter single flyer swallow tail
Year: 1974
Dimensions: 6'10"

Not a lot to say here - the photos say it all.  The available provenance (all of which is by word of mouth) identify this as one of Michael's personal boards but without more first hand evidence this is hard to prove. Great board for the Gold Coast point breaks, nice a sleek to fit in those crystal clear Kirra & Burleigh tubes.

It is unequivocally shaped by Michael and is signed on the stringer in pencil.

Purchased privately in 2005 and restored by 'Sash' from Narrabeen.  Works included ding repairs, fixing up the tips of the flyers and swallow tail - all colour matched to a very high standard.  Fin is unusual and has clearly been refoiled/tweeked on a few occasions. Nice pair of channels leading into the single flyer add to the refined and progressive shaping for the time. A volan deck patch finishes it off perfectly.

Good provenance / photos would be good to find if you can help?

McTavish Blue Bird

Manufacturer: McTavish / Blue Bird
Shaper: Bob McTavish
Design: Extreme spear tail Gun
Year: Early/Mid 1970's
Dimensions: 7'1"

This classic piece of McTavish art was picked up from my first attendance at Mick Mock's Sydney Surf Auction back in 2005.  It was a must have board and remains a key piece of the collection which these days seems to be heading more and more in the direction of sleek guns and semi guns.

The extreme spear tail is a beauty and clearly for super fast down the line speed. The board is original in terms of colour and has had some small repairs carried out (very well but before my ownership).  This really is quality craftsmanship at it best and most refined. 

Any help accurately dating the board would be appreciated - 1972/3??

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Summercloud Bat Twinnie

Manufacturer: Summercloud
Shaper: Unknown?
Design: Twin Fin Stinger Bat Tail
Year: 1977-78
Dimensions: 6'1"

The first twinnie I purchased after moving to Australia in 2002. It has had restoration work carried out (prior to my purchase) on the underside but the deck remains original. Typical combination in twin fins terms when matched with the stinger shape.  Major points of interest are the 'true' bat tail and the Batman logo both of which make the board unique.  Board was bought as one of three from a large second hand emporium in Coolangatta on the Gold Coast. The original green makes the board glow and the condition is good, a classic experimental twist on a common theme of the late 1970's.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Pat Morgan Gun

Manufacturer: Pat Morgan
Shaper: Pat Morgan??
Design: Slipper Nose Gun
Year: 1970's
Dimensions: 8'0"

This is a cracking Slipper Nose Gun from Victoria in original condition and awaiting a polish to make it shine. Made for pure down the line speed at large Bells, Winki or other spots that could hold size.

Hard down rails, a sleek outline and beautiful (but small) fin make this a work of art.  No direct provenance known on history of board or the shaper - would be keen to hear from those of you who may be able to help here and also refine the year it was shaped in, 1971/2??

Originally offered for sale at Mick Mock's 2008 Sydney Surf Auction but withdrawn on the morning of the sale.  Acquired in 2010 and was stoked it came to me. An iconic board whatever way you look at it.